Friday, 30 October 2009

Long live Polaroid!

The Polaroid Project. Read about it in Wallpaper


  1. yes, it's incredible!!! i really was in sorrow as i heard that the factory was closed, and i HOPED but didn't really believe that it could be possible that the production starts again.. it's a wonder, i still cannot believe it!!
    an analog dinosaur as i am, i'm so exited and really looking forward to the new films, especially to the black&white films..
    AND - perhaps the new films will be little bit cheaper (?)...
    thank you for the link to the impossible project, i didn't know the site.

    and - thanks to jane for posting about your post ;)

    and by the way, i didn't know anything about nivaldo de lima, - i was on your website - i love your bags!! and i like the way you show them. great work!

    hello from germany,

  2. We went to a party the other day and someone was using polaroid and it was so much fun! I think everyone likes Polaroid's don't they?
    So glad that you like the bags and website too.