Monday, 12 July 2010

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company is family run business with real integrity, a huge amount of style, great atmosphere and of course the most wonderful coffee. The shop in Borough market is always a treat, busy, bustling and spilling on to the street.
The shop on Maltby Street in Bermondsey is really special. During the week it's their production and training site, but on Saturday mornings they open for coffee. It's a bit of a well kept secret, but really worth the visit. They're joined by other food producers selling their produce. (Ask them to tell you where to go for the special home made beer, mozzarella and salami. It's around the corner and you wouldn't find it if you didn't know it was there.) There's nothing much else there, but it's a really nice thing to do on a Saturday morning.


  1. Sounds wonderful, I always love your food and cafe posts. xxx

  2. I love it here... so close to where I live and such a sweet little secret!